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Help Pay for Lessons and Training

Katherine found success through hard work, and she strives to instill this same ethic in her students. At Sundance, we take pride in being able to offer opportunities for young people to work to help pay for lessons and training. Our working students not only have fun, but they develop life skills along the way.


Stabling with Abundant Natural Light

Stabling is provided for our horses in training. Each of our 12 stalls has a generous window to the outside, and is open facing the arena within eyesight of stablemates. Stalls are cleaned 3 times daily, and bedding is provided for your horse's liking and comfort.


Clean, Well Maintained Facilities

Cleanliness is next to godliness when it comes to how Sundance maintains its stalls and our facilities in general. We are committed to the comfort and safety of both our horses and riders.


Daily Turnout and Regular Exercise

Sundance manages turnout time according to your horse's individual needs and level of work. Our trainers and staff ensure your horse receives appropriate professional care and exercise.


Build Lasting Friendships

It's no secret that people bond through shared experiences, and many Sundance working students have formed lasting friendships that persist outside of the barn. Being with horses is fun, and it's great to share this with others.


Enjoy Your Successes All the More

The things that we earn through honest effort are the ones that we appreciate the most. As you gain skills and confidence and start finding success in the show ring, you'll be all the more rewarded for having worked hard for it.


Thrill to Compete

At Sundance, we attend horse shows to measure progress against our riding ambitions and our horse’s training... and we have a great time while doing so! We only show at venues where the conditions are favorable to the well being of our horses, and where the atmosphere is positive and welcoming for all riders. Contact us to receive our show schedule.


Build Confidence and Skill

Showing with Sundance will help you master the art of riding to your best current ability, and give you--and your horse--the confidence to develop new skills.


Look Good in the Ring

Nothing is quite so thrilling as showjumping, especially when you can look good and feel great doing it. Bring out your best by showing with Sundance!


Develop Your Horsemanship

The time you spend working at Sundance will help you develop an appreciation of horses and their care, and ultimately make you a better horseman and a more understanding rider.


Join a Winning Team

Belonging to our winning team doesn’t necessarily mean you will win everything all the time. Let’s be real: where’s the fun in that? What it does mean is that, even with the inevitable "learning opportunities" sprinkled along the way, you’ll be part of a team with an unfaltering winning spirit.


A Priceless Childhood Experience

The confidence that showing builds, the hard work that it rewards, and the smiles that it produces are.... priceless. (Pro tip: All of which are just as valuable even if you are an adult!)


Enjoy Your Personal Victories

Who doesn't like to win? By showing with Sundance, you'll have the opportunity to score your own personal victories, whether that is pulling off a Champion's ribbon at Thunderbird, or simply attaining a new personal best in the irons. And at the end of the day, we're all winners for improving our riding!


Professional Training for the Show Horse

At Sundance your horse will receive the professional training rides it needs to perform to its fullest potential with you in the irons. Each interaction with your horse is an opportunity for us to help train him or her. Your horse will learn to better understand what you are asking and how to correctly perform tasks in a way beneficial to both horse and rider. At Sundance there isn’t a regimented training routine: it can be and often is quite tailored for each horse. Contact us to talk through specifics.


Expert Horse Care

Sundance partners with qualified professionals in the care of your horse, including Dr. Toby Ewing, DVM for veterinary care, Alistair Nimmo and Justin Mullins for farrier services, and Sue Huck for equine bodywork.


More Opportunities to Enjoy Your Horse

Boarding with Sundance affords many opportunities to enjoy your horse, and not just on lesson days. Local trails provide rewarding riding opportunities for you and your equine partner almost any time of the year.


Camaraderie with your “Barn Family”

We like to think that Sundance is a pretty friendly place. Here you will be able to share your passion for the horse with other like-minded individuals, and have a great time making new friends, both two-footed and four!


The Confidence to Advance to the Next Level

Whether you aspire to become a competitive showjumper or just wish to gain greater personal riding skills, becoming a Sundance rider can help you get closer to your goals. Katherine is dedicated to the success and growth of each of her clients.

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We believe no two riders are the same. Each one of us deserves the very best. We take the time to get to know you so we can help you always find your perfect seat.